Our team of regular contributors are full-time teachers in Scotland.

They will happily argue that their students are the toughest to teach in the entirety of the UK, but will probably concede to you if you tell a good enough story. 

Rachel Blesshard

rachel-blesshardBeginning her career in broadcast journalism, Rachel was absolutely convinced that she would never become a teacher. Having studied English at Cambridge and moved straight into a high-flying job in London at a major broadcasting house, she thought her life was all but sorted…

After 1 year in London, Rachel knew that it wasn’t the life for her. Abandoning the two-faced hypocrites of the TV world, she dropped herself head first into the much safer realm of Secondary Education in Glasgow and never looked bag.

Harry Wishall

wishallA self-proclaimed veteran of the Education system, Harry’s passion for teaching and maintaining discipline are two things that define him as one of Scotland’s leading education practitioners – at least that’s what he thinks…

Starting out in Primary Education as green teacher, he yearned for a challenge in his 30s and got it in the shape of rough inner-city Edinburgh Grammar School – an institution that he retired from just last year.

Sarah Gordonsfield

smart-ladySarah thought her PhD in Advanced Mathematics would be enough to get her a lecturing position at one of the UK’s leading Universities, however that wasn’t the path that she eventually followed…

Now thoroughly enjoying her 4th year as a Secondary Maths teacher, Sarah uses her spare hours in School to teach talented kids some of the Advanced Maths that were meant for Degree level Oxbridge students.

Tobias Menzies

man-40sAn actor from a rich stage pedigree – after completing his mandatory training at RADA, Tobias struggled to find regular work in the Theatre Houses of London. He enrolled for his PGCE just days before he was offered his first major film role…

Making a decision that would disappoint his parents but satisfy him emotionally, Tobias has taught Drama & Theatre Studies for the past 5 years and hasn’t regretted his choice once…not even a little bit.

Angela Lowmanston

subsOne of the most experienced teachers in our stable, Angela is a talented Substitute Teacher who has a canny knack for getting students to love her in a very short space of time. Loved by staff and students a like, she nevertheless has some real horror stories to tell.

Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, she has not settled down to semi-retirement in Fife. Once or twice a week, she dusts of her books and helps out a school by covering a lesson or two – just to prove she’s still got the goods.