We make the rules in our classrooms – but there are rules for the web too!

The 6 rules of T-S-F are basic but absolutely mandatory, those found to not be following the rules will receive a sharp rap on the knuckles and will be blocked from accessing our site.

Children Must Remain Anonymous


I know this sucks, but it’s the age old case of confidentiality that really must be kept to, if we all want to keep our jobs. Creating a fake name never gets across just how frustrating a child is as, so often, it’s that name combined with that thing they do that makes them the special little nightmare that you must teach.

No Exact School Names


Would you like to keep your jobs? Are you sure? If not, go ahead and mention your school by name – heck – why stop there? Why not name drop your Head as well and really get the ball rolling. If you’re looking for a quick way to get yourself fired then bad mouthing your current workplace is exactly what you’re looking for.

Respect for  Teachers


God knows we don’t get enough of this in the classroom, the last we thing we need is to start direspecting each other. T-S-F is a place for teachers to come together to sound off on their thoughts and problems with their students and staff – not to cause aggro with our fellow teachers.

No Union Chat

Teachers strike

On a similar note, this is not a place for discussing the current state of teacher’s pay or the decisions that our Union has made in whatever issue they’re currently embroiled in. Politics are an inherent part of our job – but that doesn’t mean they have to be discussed here!

All Writing Is Owned By The Writers


We value the work that our writers contribute to this website. They do it absolutely free of charge and take precious time out of their schedules to deliver us witty, insightful commentary on our profession. As a result, all writing will always belong to them and not this website.

Comment Freely, But Don’t Troll


Boromir jokes aside, we’ve got no times for trolls here. Comments are a great place to swap stories and crack a few one-liners, but as soon as things get nasty our moderators will step in. We’re all teachers here and we all know how to control a classroom – don’t force us to get serious!